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Antioxidants turmeric can prevent cancer

Turmeric or turmeric not only can be used as a decoction or as an ingredient in dishes, but also as an ingredient in herbal remedies for various illnesses! Now it's better known and more fully known the benefits of turmeric! Scientists and doctors have discovered and recognized that turmeric has innumerable benefits for protecting and fighting against a wide range of diseases, including deadly cancers.

Without mentioning the use of turmeric leaves, turmeric leaves are used in the preparation of aromatherapy for the color of the food of millions of people in Asia, turmeric has been recognized and used by traditional Indian, Chinese, Cham, Khmer and Khmer medicine. Be a medicine since thousands of years ago. In India, turmeric powder is used in almost every dish: without currants, turmeric is not called curry.

Delicious taste, you know how to eat delicious, you do not like to touch too much in the dish, nor too delicious, too little, not useful, no smell, turmeric has great health benefits because turmeric contains. Curcumine active substance. Curcumine, which has the following beneficial functions and activities:
Turmeric acts as an adjuvant to release toxins. Curcumine facilitates the release of bodily fluids and the secretion of saliva. Tired stomach is difficult to digest food, especially fat? Think of turmeric as curcumine is considered a complete digestive agent. Nutritionists recommend using turmeric as an ingredient in foods that are high in fat, coconut or coconut. Or, choose turmeric after a lot of festive food in the evening. That way, she will be able to avoid the disease. The presence of turmeric as an ingredient is not a coincidence! Using 25% turmeric in a potion is sure to counteract the effects of three servings of chilies and peppers, plus the combination may be irritating.

Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant! Turmeric root has the ability to get rid of isolates that can be isolated and that can be attached to other cells, which may be harmful to future health. In other words: With turmeric consumption, curcumine will act as a protective barrier around the cell to prevent cell death from premature aging. Therefore, it is best to apply ancient turmeric to apply good skin at a young age. When it comes to antioxidant capacity, one must immediately see the battle against cancer.

Now, everyone recognizes the effect of turmeric against cancer. This ability will be higher if turmeric is combined with Olive oil with black pepper or with ginger-pineapple. Many studies are focusing on turmeric as an anti-cancer drug. Turmeric is likely to have three stages: first, the reduced activity of certain substances, the reduction of premature aging of cells by external effects, and, lastly, turmeric may act to block small blood vessels. Do not get lumps. In China, health authorities formally recommend individuals at risk for esophageal cancer use regular turmeric. The protective properties of turmeric are looking at cancer of the mouth, teeth, throat and intestines.

In India, the benefits of turmeric against cancer are widely recognized! And according to epidemiological data, the prevalence of cancer, such as colon, breast, testicles and lungs in Asian countries, which eat more turmeric is lower than those in Western countries who don't know turmeric. This. Therefore, the advice of the old Khmer people to use turmeric to keep the skin clean and pure is not wrong or is not a fantasy. According to medical science, turmeric has antioxidant properties that help cells to grow faster, which is why applying turmeric to help the skin heal young. The results were particularly evident for those who believed in traditional opportunities and who preferred to use natural medicines.

Both cheap and easy to grow, turmeric has innumerable benefits. Scientists have also found that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Burns are especially common in the joints, hands, feet and bones. In addition, regular consumption of turmeric powder can improve blood circulation and the heart, preventing coronary heart disease, because turmeric has the ability to block fat buildup on the surface of arteries.

We talked a lot about the benefits of turmeric, but asked how to eat it. And in what quantity ?! In India they eat 2 to 4 grams of warts or tubers a day. The warts are then extracted to extract about 1 to 5% of the most useful Curcumine. To get the health benefits of turmeric, they take 200 to 400 milligrams of curcumine a day. Do not confuse Curcumine to powder - turmeric. Turmeric quality is never the same! Generally, 20 to 100 milligrams of turmeric can provide up to one milligram of curcumine.

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