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How to check which country your iPhone is made for?

How to check which country your iPhone is made for?

Although the iPhone was manufactured and assembled at the same Foxconn factory in China, Apple distributed it in different countries and identified it using a different model code to mark each country. It is believed that Apple may upgrade some 3G / 4G chips so that it can handle the network in each country well. To view the iPhone Model Code, go to Settings-> About and look for the word Model. It is about 7 to 8 characters long but look for the last two characters (excluding the letters marked with / before them) and check the table below to find their source.

E.g. MC604MY / A without counting the letters after / A, so the last character is MY, referring to Malaysia.

AB: Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

B: Ireland, UK, also used for some replacement phones

BR: Brazil (Assembled in Brazil)

BZ: Brazil (Assembled in China)

C: Canada

CH: China

CZ: Czech Republic

D: Germany

DN: Austria, Germany, Netherlands

E: Mexico

EE: Estonia

FB: France, Luxembourg

FD: Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

GR: Greece

HN: India

IP: Italy

HB: Israel

J: Japan

KH: Korea

KN: Norway

KS: Finland, Sweden

LA: Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru

LE: Argentina


LZ: Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

MG: Hungary

MY: Malaysia

NF: Belgium, France, Luxembourg

PL: Poland

PO: Portugal

PP: Philippines

RO: Romania

RS: Russia

SL: Slovakia

SO: South Africa

T: Italy

TH: Thailand

TA: Taiwan

TU: Turkey

X: Australia, New Zealand

VN: Vietnam ,also use for some replacement

Y: Spain

ZA: Singapore

ZP: Hong Kong, Macau

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